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Former International Flight Attendant opens Boutique Pet Resort in Melbourne ....

Belinda -Air New Zealand
Belinda Goyarts

Have you ever worried about leaving your pets in a boarding kennel?

Belinda Goyarts did ....   She was an international Flight Attendant with Air New Zealand and spent a lot of time away. Her dogs were like her children, and she could never find a boarding kennel that would give her show dog and pets the care and attention, and home comforts that she thought they deserved.

After leaving the airlines, Belinda ran Canine Behavioural Clinics in Australia for the Victorian Canine Association, and for the New Zealand Kennel Club, in New Zealand.

Belinda was also kept busy making appearances on national television and radio giving talks and instructing on animal behaviour. It was at this time that Belinda and her partner decided to create a facility and service where they would personally choose to leave their "family".

After months of searching, they chose the scenic Peninsula where they designed and built the very beautiful Mornington Lodge, which quickly became Melbourne's favourite pet resort.

Belinda and Henry
Belinda at Melbourne Royal showing
Henry her champion Boxer

This was in 1996 and now Mornington Lodge is very well established and was
voted the best Pet Resort in Victoria.....

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Belinda is still active in the Dog World and now shows her world famous Pugs!

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Belinda winning with her Pugs

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