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Admission Information

When you come in to our office we ask that you leave your dog in the car until you have completed your paperwork. A staff member will then be happy to come out to the car and assist you bring in your pet.

Admission times

Admissions are best earlier in the day than later .. we understand of course that you would like to spend as much time as you can with your dog before leaving them, however it is much better for them to have lots of time with staff and lots of time with their new friend and a staff member in one of the activities gardens before the end of the day and being tucked up in bed.

What to Bring with you

We ask that you bring your pet’s up to date vaccination papers (C5 for dogs) You will also need to bring as many Emergency Contact Numbers as you can, and either a Mastercard or Visa card numbers that we can keep in a secure file until your return.

Contract form

Whilst you are here, we will get you to fill in a form. (This can be downloaded and brought with you on the day to save time .... Click here >> ) This form asks for details that we need during your trip away. We will be asking questions about any ongoing health issues with your pets, emergency contact numbers and next of kin. The main reason we need your credit card details are in the case of your pet requiring after hours veterinary treatment. In the normal course of a day, should we require veterinary treatment for pet, our vet bills us and we pass the cost on to you. In the event of after hours care however, the Emergency Vets in Frankston, Hallam, Wickham Road etc will only accept a pet after a deposit has been paid (usually around $500).

Please read a copy of the Contract Form here > > > >

Naturally we would immediately be in contact with owners should veterinary treatment be required, however sometimes an owner is on a plane, or in a country with no mobile reception – in which case of course we proceed with 100% veterinary care if the case was life threatening. On the contract form we ask you to authorise a limit that we can spend on veterinary care in the event your emergency number cannot be contacted. Of course we keep trying to contact you.

We also require your credit card details so that in the event a member of your family collects your dog or cat for you, or we are delivering them home – your card can be charged for your convenience prior to collection/home delivery.

The contract form also covers our office hours, charges, issues on Canine Cough (please read the article we have written on this), authorisation for veterinary treatment and if your dog can share with a compatible friend or not.

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