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Whether your pet prefers to chase a frisbee, fetch a ball or just socialise with a friend - Mornington Lodge staff provide morning and afternoon activities for all guests.

There is a further hour and a half activities later in the afternoon - staff participate in games or, if your dog prefers, they may just relax in the gardens.

After breakfast and daily activities each morning, your dog is either brushed through and health checked, (see Jasper below.) Any abnormalities or changes to stool consistency, dietary preference or behaviour are noted as a reference point for staff. Staff also check ears, eyes, coat and skin condition during the health checks.

Plenty of room for our most exuberant
guests to let off steam

Yes, that is Trish jogging!

Yippee !!!!

It's all about having has much fun as you can ...

Catch me if you can!

Love is ....

Everyone is pooped at the end of their busy day ...

Guests enjoy paddling in our pools on those warm summer days.

Each guest is brushed and/or health checked daily. Staff conduct an all over exterior check daily - ensuring that should there be an ear, eye or skin condition present itself, it can be immediately brought to the attention of our veterinarian.

Mornington Lodge Boarding Kennels is fully compliant with the Victorian Government Code of Practice.

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