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Current Pricing

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Shared Accommodation
$35.00* per day
(small guests up to 10kg)

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Shared Accommodation
$40.00* per day
(medium to large guests)

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Individual Accommodation
$55.00 per day
(any size guest)

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Shared Accommodation
$45.00* per day
(small guests up to 10kg)

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Shared Accommodation
$45.00* per day
(small guests up to 10kg)

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Shared Accommodation
$45.00 per day
(small guests up to 10kg)

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Shared Accommodation (medium to large guests)
$55.00* per day (small guests up to 10kg)

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Extras Pick Up & Delivery: $55 each way per family inner Melbourne suburbs

Please note:
Our rates listed above include the following:
  • Stimulating morning and afternoon activities
  • Heating in all accommodation
  • Air conditioned options
  • Regular brushing
  • Regular health checks
  • Administration of insulin injections
  • Medication requirements met
  • Premium menu
  • Comfortable beds and clean warm bedding
  • Accommodation disinfected and cleaned daily
  • A facility that is staffed 24 hours a day
  • A 3.5 tonne 65kva generator which ensures a continuation of heating, airconditioning, fire sprinklers and water at all times

As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we fully understand that many guests require extra individual requirements. We are happy to provide these extra services, however they do come at an additional cost to cover staff time.

To keep our daily charges at a reasonable cost for everyone, any dog requiring extra individual requirements will be charged accordingly.

A list of these extra requirements is as follows:

  • Daily teeth cleaning - $5 per day per guest
  • Multiple toilet sessions for dogs who are unable to walk unassisted - $20 per day per guest
  • Guests with incontinence - $20 per day per guest
  • Guests who require more than 3 meals per day, and who also require assisted hand feeding at each meal - $20 per day per guest

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