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Firstly, we would like to thank you for your enquiry to stay at Mornington Lodge. We do everything possible to ensure your dog(s) will enjoy their visit.

To this end, we provide all the extras to make this happen. This includes at least 3 hours of activities each day, heated accommodation, premium foods and one on one daily brushing and/or health checks.


Clients sometimes ask if a discount applies for guests who are staying long term. We would love to be able to offer this, however long term guests (4 weeks or more) require even higher levels of one on one attention and resources to maintain full physical and mental health. This includes extra staff time, extra activities, extra food and extra grooming. Whilst we are happy to absorb these extra costs, there is no room to move on the daily rate.


A number of guests bring in their own meals, and some owners ask if they can have a discount due to supplying their own food. This is a reasonable request, as the facility does not have to provide their own premium foods


However, this saving is more than offset by the large amount of work involved in storing, defrosting, cooking, and preparing 40 to 60 individualised meals every morning and afternoon for guests who have supplied their own complex dietary plans. Once again, this involves large amounts of staff time and extra refrigeration and freezer units which we absorb.

At this stage, we are not charging a surcharge for guests who arrive with their own dietary plans that are non medical related, however in the interests of maintaining an affordable daily rate; this may be something we may need to introduce in the future.

We hope this addresses our discount policy.

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