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Fire Season Precautions

Melbourne is getting hotter and drier each year. Fires are the main topic of conversation at this time each year, and we get concerned owners contacting us regarding our evacuation plan.

Our situation is this:

There is no possibility of evacuating between 90 to 110 guests, safely, off the Peninsula in the event of a fire. Roads would be jammed/blocked, and there would, in all likelihood, be no access for help to come in. For this reason, we will be staying and fighting - and have taken the following steps to ensure we are as self sufficient and safe as possible:
  • The entire 10 acres around the kennel facility is mown short. The exercise gardens and surrounds are green all year due to a bore we have had installed. Debris/branches are kept cleared at all times and away from the complex. The 700 acre farm next door is also cleared land with cattle cropped grasslands.

  • A comprehensive sprinkler system is set up on top of all the kennels, and will saturate the facility at a moment's notice.

  • We have purchased an 65kva (2 and a half tonne) diesel generator, which will take over all our power requirements within 5 seconds of loss of power. This is particularly important with our upcoming rolling power cuts - Mornington Lodge will be able to continue with airconditioning and full care to guests regardless of power cuts in Melbourne.

  • We have back up petrol pumps fitted to our main supply of water in the event of equipment failure.

  • We have regular checks conducted by a CFA member and carry out any suggestions made immediately. We can also get instant updates, and should get fair warning of any threats.

  • Smoke alarms hardwired in all buildings

Our Diesel Generator

I am committed to staying and fighting any fire that threatens Mornington Lodge - which is my home and also the home to any guests we have staying - to this end I believe I have covered as many bases as possible. We have a clear property, with water and electricity to hand.

To help cover costs we will be introducing a 5% levy on all bookings ONLY during the months of January to end the of March, each year.

We hope to continue to be able to provide an excellent service for your pets, despite Australia’s increasingly adverse conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

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