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Price Increase

Notice of Daily Rates Increase – commencing 1st February 2018

After 3 years with no rate changes, we are no longer able to absorb the constant increase in wages, electricity, insurances, premium foods and other rising costs.

We have introduced the minimum rate increase possible, and will continue to provide the best possible care for your family members Rates are per day, per guest.

We will also continue our policy of maintaining normal rates during Peak Seasons, however due to staff wage penalties over Weekends and Public Holidays, we are now incorporating a Weekend and Public Holidays Surcharge of 20%. This applies to any Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday regardless of collection time of your pet.

Townhouse accommodation (Small guests)
Townhouse accommodation (large guests)
Studio, B & B’s, Fluffy House
Executive Suites (twin share) & Individual accommodation
Special Services

In order to maintain a reasonable rate level for the majority of our guests who do not require extra daily staff time and resources, we have introduced an Extra Services charge for those who do.

We strive to adhere to any specialized guest requirements, however this does require many hours of extra staff time. Please ask for details.

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