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I am very proud and very grateful to the amazing team here at Mornington Lodge. In my career spanning office work, the airlines and as a consultant - I have never encountered a staff as committed and willing to go the extra mile for each and every guest.

I probably do not tell them how much I value and appreciate them, and I am doing it now. I also recognise each and every client who thanks the girls for their work. Yes - they love the dogs and their work, however it is pretty cold and wet here at 6.30am mid winter ... day in day out.

Belinda and Sanjay

Our Caretaker Team and Kennel Staff

Pictured with her beloved pugs, Kim also helps run Pugs SOS and cares for the many rescues that pass through our door each year.
Kim is also the Mornington Lodge caretaker, ensuring someone is always on the property 24/7. She also cares for the Mornington Lodge residents .. 2 Rottweilers, a GSD baby, the pugs, a rescue Peke and Hettie

Julie is pictured here with her beloved whippet Alice. Julie shared the Facility Manager role with Debbie, and was a part of the Mornington Lodge family for 12 years. Julie is no longer with us and is sadly missed. She is always fondly remembered by our staff and clients.

Debbie shares the role of Facility Manager with Julie, long term position at Mornington Lodge also ensures everything remains on track at the Lodge. Debbie is quite often your first point of contact when you arrive at the office, and is always handy with a box of tissues for those first time owners leaving their pets. She has a love of all animals and is passionate in helping raise awareness of Animal Welfare.

A Boxer lover, Serena is pictured here with her all time favourite and our very special guest Grace. Serena is passionate about animal welfare for all creatures, from dogs to frogs! She is also one of our Office staff.

Donna, our newest addition to the team, comes from WA. Donna is pictured with Beau the Aussie Shepherd. Having come from working at a Crocodile Park, she is now enjoying being able to cuddle the animals in her care 

Regina divides her time at the Lodge between looking after our Studio guests and helping all the rescues at Pugs SOS. A whirlwind of activity, she can also be found in the paddocks picking up after the horses, or cleaning anything that stands in her path!

Caroline also looks after the rescue pugs in Pugs SOS, and the other Mornington Lodge residents … 2 Rottweilers, a GSD baby, the resident pugs, a rescue Peke and Hettie  Caroline also does all the sewing, dog bed repairs, and is responsible for all the sofa and cushion covers in the Studio and Fluffy House.

Trish getting cuddles from Miss Phoebe. Trish specialises in caring for our Golden Oldies and small nervous guests in the Fluffy House and B & B’s. Her other great love in life are her beautiful horses.

Our quiet and gentle Nicole, pictured here with Jasper, has a strong love of the environment and animals. She is always striving to offer her help and assistance in both these areas
Nicole S has a natural affinity with our larger guests such as Holly who she is pictured here cuddling. An avid baker in her spare time, we always have something yummy to look forward to at morning tea time.
Stacey is part of our office staff but she can also be found taking care of our guests in the Lodge as well as the rescues at Pugs SOS. Seen here with Bailey, apart from animals, Stacey's other loves are her garden and cooking.
India pictured here with Mia, also divides her time working in our small guest accommodation areas. India adores dogs and also cats just as much, she is obsessed with her two cats Kingsley and Lilou.
Lauren came to us through her extensive volunteering experience at local animal shelters which she's still passionate about. Mornington Lodge guests such as little Jose and Cholula, pictured here, love Lauren's gentle nature.

A part from her love of animals, Kirsten is an outdoor enthusiast who has a passion for nature. Kirsten is pictured here with one of our regulars, Tank.


Phil is our maintenance man, seen here with his beloved Belle. He makes sure everything is in good working order here at the Lodge. He also works tirelessly in the rescue + re-homing of Collies and Shelties. He founded the "Colliewobbles" social walking group, which enables Collie and Sheltie owners to meet for walks and other fun outings for the owners and their dogs.

Cam & Kristyare our hardworking garden and landscaping team.

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