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(Courtesy of Oscar's Law)

This is where your "Free to a Good Home" puppy could end up.....

Check out this video filmed in May this year, right here in Victoria.
The Golden Retriever puppy at the end has meningitis due to starvation.
Note the condition of the labrador puppy in the horse float.

Puppy factories are currently legal in Australia. They are the hidden industry behind the pet shop window. These are the images the pet industry does not want you to see. They will deny they exist. Oscar's Law aims to abolish puppy factories, ban the sale of anmals from shops and from online trading websites.

Gippsland Puppy Factory has 200 dogs and no staff. The permit allows for 100 dogs. The owner appeared in court in 2011 and recieved a 2 year good behaviour bond. The factory is still in operation selling to pet shops!

A percentage of all dog and cat boarding here at Mornington Lodge goes to fighting Puppy Factories in Victoria!

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